Realtors Turn To Lasik As New House Bonus

LASIK eye surgery is known to be an outpatient procedure that is most commonly done on patients with the main aim of correcting the vision of a particular patient.  It may be used to correct a number of problems like hyperopia, myopia, and astigmatism.

The LASIK procedure can only be performed by medical doctors and ophthalmologists who have specifically specialized in the treatment of the eye, surgical as well. The entire procedure works in the following way:

The first thing that is going to be done is that an anesthetic eye drop is going to be applied on your eye.

After the drop, the Zed Lasik Singapore  surgeon is then going to create a protective flap that he or she is going to make use of to gain access to the inner part of the corneal tissue. When this is taking place, your vision is going to be blur or dim for about a minute so you should not worry. Once the surgeon is able to create the flap, you are now going to be able to see the flashing fixation of the light that is coming from the laser. You will also be able to see all the bright light that is been used in the surgery.

The next thing that is going to happen is that the inner part of your cornea is going to receive pulses of cool laser light which are going to be computer controlled.  Even though the laser light is known to be invisible, it still tends to make a clicking sound as it tries to carefully reshape the inner corneal layer of your eye. This is normally done with the main aim of improving your vision and may at times do away with your prescription.

Once the reshaping of your inner tissue is complete, the surgeon is then going to reposition and also align the flap to its rightful place. Once the Lasik procedure is complete, the surgeon is going to place protective shields over your eye so that you can be protected from any accidental rubbing of the eye which may actually hurt the eye. This protective shield is left there until the flap is able to heal by itself.  Learn more about us us here.

You may feel a little bit of discomfort and irritation a few hours after the surgery but this should not get you worried since it is normal. Make sure that you are able to get a good nap so that your body has the chance to rest.