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?                                                                   AUTO INSURANCE
What is auto insurance?
This can also be termed as vehicle insurance or car insurance. The insurance primarily covers the financial protection against any physical damage, or bodily injury. These could be as result of traffic collision or any liability that could rise from incidents in a vehicle.it may additionally offer fin ancial protection against theft or weather conditions and natural disasters.

The history
In the First World War cars were relatively very fast and dangerous as they could cause many accidents.at that time there was no compulsory cover of any insurance whatsoever, and the victims who would be injured would not get any compensation. Drivers also would face a lot of cost for their car repairs. This is when the  vehicle insurance was introduced and why.it ensured that all vehicles would be insured for any of their liability for injury to any third party.

Public policies
Several jurisdictions are a must for a car to be insured before it hits the road once you are through with the purchasing. Most of these jurisdictions relate that the driver should also be insured as the car gets insured. However it?s the degree of each that usually vary.

Excess any excess payment is also termed as deductible .it is any fixed contribution that is a compulsory to be paid every time the car goes to be repaired; this payment is made directly to the accident repair garage. Garage is the term used to mean an establishment where you take your vehicles for repair and service once they have been in accident or still have been damaged

Write off
As the owner goes to collect the car and is declared a ?WRITE OFF ?then the insurance company is to deduct the excess amount you had agreed on the policy from those settlement to the owner. When investigation is done and the fault was the other driver and the third party has gone ahead and accepted the fault then the car owner will go ahead and reclaim the car for the third party?s insurance

Premium charges
The premium charges will either be authorized by the government itself or determined by the insurance company most times the insurer has much freedom to set the price in physical damage coverage. If this premium is not determined by the government, then it is usually removed from the calculations based on the statically data. The premium may vary depending on several factors which have been believed to have an effect on the expected cost of the future. The factors may include

The neighborhood-areas with high crimes rates may lead to higher cost of insurance
Gender-the married people are likely to cause less accidents than the rest
Age-teenage drivers with no driving lessons have higher car premiums.

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